Rural BC Project Project Overview

Please also see Final Reports for completed projects.

Rural BC ProjectColdRiver.jpg
Launched November 2010

The intent of the Rural BC Project is to increase public awareness of the issues rural BC is facing in a constructive and
politically non]partisan manner and to present a convincing case for the resources rural BC needs to meet these challenges. The Rural BC Project
will achieve this by undertaking a series of activities that:

  • Identify and highlight rural economic development best practices.
  • Create fuller understanding of the mutual economic codependence of urban and rural BC.
  • Create a better understanding of the challenges rural BC is facing and the actions and investments that will help rural BC communities succeed.
  • Design and implement a project that demonstrates the implementation of a rural development best practice.

Download the Project Overview - Click Here (PDF 116Kb)

Update - RBCP January 2014 PDF (267 Kb)