Diversification and Implementation Project Overview

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Approved March 2014

The OBAC 2013/14 Workplan includes an Innovation Agenda: Working with others, support and grow the capacity for innovation in the region. The key goals of the Innovation Project are to;
1. Inspire and plant the seeds through the awareness of continued education in youth so they look for (and see) opportunities within their communities.
2. Create a multi-generational support system through conversations.
3. Building resiliency in the North through teaching failure as an opportunity via storytelling and local role models.
4. Find local community champions and give them the tools and system to have this as a reoccurring event and make it sustainable for years to come.

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Accelerate the Growth of Alternative Energy Sector
November 2009

The project will provide capacity in the region to accelerate growth of the alternative energy industry by establishing an “Alternative Energy Office”. The office will work with the senior governments, local governments, First Nations, research and business. It will be
staffed by 1?2 people with the expertise to initiate pilot projects, conduct technology transfer and business information exchanges, and provide a
contact point for potential new enterprises. The office will be overseen by a partnership of contributors, and may be housed independently or
within an existing organization. An example pilot project is a “net zero” housing development in the region.

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